How Low The Daylight Come

by oh man, the mountain

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the smoke is thick and the flame barely lit,
we are turned like soil and rise
as jack pines in morning.
- - -
o, break this serpent bind
and tell me
how low the daylight come!

Recorded and mixed by Joe Clayton of NØ STUDIO at HQ recording studio in Strangeways. (Except banjo and harmonica in Calum’s bedroom.)

Mastered by Ryan Schwabe, Philadelphia PA

Cover lino cut by Joanna Hope Bricher, Design by Aidan Donovan

All songs written by Aidan Donovan and Oh man, the mountain.


released June 20, 2016

Aidan ‘Goob’ Donovan - electric/acoustic guitar & vox
Seth Lambert - bass
Amy Olive S - fiddle & vox
Mark Squire - electric guitar & slide
Adi Jaidev - drums
Zoe Dexter - vox
Susie Wedderburn - trumpet
Hannah Ashman - oboe & hammond
Calum Muir - hammond & banjo & harmonica
Chris Hillman - pedal steel

Thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible by coming to shows, buying merch and inspiring us.



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oh man, the mountain Manchester, UK

Oh man, the mountain are a large southern gothic / alt. folk band from Manchester. At their fullest, a group of 8 who try to tread the lines between harmony, discord, melancholy and joy - to create a big, if slightly broken sound.

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Track Name: Abednego
Salt in the wound of a black dog moon
yes I beat my brow to the harvest tune
oh so yes, I’m young and my spirit’s warm
but i’ve got no choice but to sing my song

So hello, how low the daylight come
to warm me up like the breath of one
yes, oh who is good and who is strong ‘cos I am not
but there must be some

In a lot too blind to see - the pitch and the groan
of the rising sea - so hear it moan

Abednego, I could not show
into that furnace fiery, oh no
I was down on my bended knees just a-begging him to please
tell me, why do the flames grow, where does that smoke go?
Because I do not know, oh no I do not know

So they take-a that bush and they burn it
burn it ‘til it talks

God damn, says the man, for all he’s done wrong
he says “I am not to blame, I am a product of my place”
“Oh father!” - “Yes tell me son,what now is on your mind?”
He said “Father, please just tell me, cos I cannot decide”
Track Name: David's Dance
Well this is David’s dance
and we dance it all night long
when the stars are all in line
and the desert’s wind is blowing strong
well they said you’re mad, my man
so put your clothes back on
you said the sun can’t shame me now
and I’m not even close to done
and to that midnight sun
on the dark side of the earth
but don’t shine your light too bright
but come back round to us
and should I fear and tremble
at the sight of your dawn
don’t judge me by the light
of the bright, returning sun

and to that cosmic hand,
you know that nudges us along
roll your dice just one more time,
and tell us what’s going on
cos if I could swap my blackened bones,
yeah for the yellow dawn
I walk back to that narrow track
and see it’s barely been trodden on
I read the paw of a stuffed bear
all dead now in the eyes
the marble glint gives the faintest hint
that there was ever some kind of life
oh so dance now David, to the beat of the heart
the beat that was formed in you
with knowing hands on a canvas,
deep inside your mother’s womb

so come now child to the meek and mild
and you can open your arms out wide
the hangman he says, “close your eyes”,
but you don’t believe in none of his lies
cos we can hold our breath through the long night,
and run straight up the stairs
we look back on that wicked track
well who knows who we’ll see there
the angels come to terrorise my mind
with the medicine stacked so tall
apothecary or the symmetry
of the sacred shapes they own
oh so dance now David in your desert skin
so close now to the night
the fire’s lit and the meat is spit
and you’ve never looked so right

so come now child to the morning light
cos yes I want to know your name
you put your feet like this and you feel the bliss
and then we go round again

so take your cloth, all distressed and worn,
and you throw it to the flame
and while the rest sleep sound by the ember mound
I wanna show you the rules of the game
Track Name: Little Lamp
well I will pay my dues, and I will hold my tongue
and I'll bind my wrists, until they come undone
well I will light my lamp, oh in the form of the flame
and I will throw my shapes, yeah to the back of the cave

So tell me once and now not twice
You know nothing comes from no sacrifice

well I will pluck that light, right out of the sky
I will clip her wings, and then beg her to shine
I will build her cage, from the tortuous shapes
I will hide it in the shadowy places, oh that call out my name

So shine little lamp on the dust of the ground
the dust of the ground

Oh the child says to me, "why will I grow tall?"
who will be the light for me, in the darkness of it all
so carry me, oh carry me to bed just once more
and when I wake the Earth will shake, and we will all go home

You're bust and beat, in the sunny midday heat
forget the oil looks like water in the night
careful with it you've got those clumsy calloused hands
you can spill the rest but please just light it first

So shine little lamp on the dust of the ground
the dust of the ground
Track Name: Ouroboros
Season change you put my mind at ease
you’re like an old windmill just spinning in the breeze
i see it turning, turning around again

We’re all alone and every moment
the earth stands still like it was frozen and
we’re silent, silent for just a bit

oh, are you the serpent? Just eating your own tail,
waiting for it to come back round?
Oh, are you the early wheel? Are you the late spring till?
growing up so high, just to get cut down

all of my fine intentions are just chasing the wind
and all of those winds are just batting against themselves
and oh my lord I find meaning in it all
but the thicker the smoke, the harder you choke
and that’s been on my mind

oh, are you the serpent? Just eating your own tail,
waiting for it to come back round?
Oh, are you the early wheel? are you the late spring till?
growing up so high, just to get cut down

I’ll consume the heart of you
if it makes me feel alright
settle for the gaping jaw
cos if it's all I know then it's all I know
and if it’s all we hope then it’s all we hope
and i’ll hug myself like an overcoat when we’re done
Track Name: Sinking Ship
We are more like the arrow than the archer’s straining wrist
I am set off into the sky just a catalyst
Cat gut string for my violin and a horse hair bow to play it with
all my homes are catacombs to come
so make mine a double, oh the rooster cries tonight
he is a balanced soul when the shadows fall again

So crop your hair tight to the skull so you can feel more of the sun
as it bakes your mind into the summer shapes again
We are made like the railways lines,
we’re just sleepers and that ancient iron
that was carried down from the mountains long ago
So we sit under the everglow, of a city oh that hums yellow
every night just to spite the dark again

Oh, brace your body for the change
when it comes and it’s just the same
you’re loving nobody, love nobody but yourself
Oh, set them up on the shouting hill
when our mind’s are bloody but our bodies they still
love nobody, love nobody but ourselves

Said it before, i’ll say it again
i’ve got nothing to lose, nothing to gain
when i’m nothing more than a sinking ship

Said it before and I’ll say it again
climbing up my mast in the pouring rain
is every image clear enough in your mind to be understood?

said it before, i’ll say it again
oh my mama loves me and i’ll do the same
but that knowledge don’t come free, or even easily

said it before, say it again
i’ve got nothing to lose, nothing to gain